E-Design is a new type of interior design that gives clients the opportunity to hire Morrone Interiors from anywhere in the country… or even the world! You receive all the benefits of hiring an Interior Designer, such as expertise and access to interior design trade-only products, only remotely. All correspondence is done via phone and email as you sit in the comfort of your own home or office.  We have designed homes using E-Design for clients from New Orleans to Dubai, and we can’t wait to help design yours!

E-Design is perfect for clients who want the expertise of Morrone Interiors, but who might not live in Central Florida.

It’s simple – when we get started, you complete a questionnaire that gives us an idea of your needs and style, along with images of the space you want to design. If you have inspiration images of spaces you love, these can also always helpful in achieving the aesthetic you are looking for. Depending on the course of action, you also will submit space measurements. Once we have all of the information we need to complete your design, we provide a beautiful digital presentation for you to approve.

It will take a maximum of two weeks to compile your first design presentation once all of your information and spacial measurements are received. If you are having Morrone Interiors purchase your items, the time frame will depend on the lead-time of the selected items (typically a maximum of 16 weeks).

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