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Morrone Interiors

Acclaimed for her design principles, Audrey Morrone is considered to be one of the most approachable and coveted designers in Central Florida. Audrey believes that building client relationships through exceptional service is as important as the innovate designs she provides. Sophisticated taste, flawless execution, and her ability to understand her client’s unique needs and desires set her apart from other designers.

Whether designing a modern, contemporary, or traditional space, her philosophy remains the same: to create comfortable, livable rooms, with a sophisticated edge. She is recognized for her ability to create welcoming and harmonious homes that feel polished and refined. “I don’t follow trends,” Audrey says. “I let my clients’ passions and interests dictate the emotion and feel of the home. Ultimately, I design homes that progress over time and reflect my clients’ ever-evolving lifestyles.”

Audrey Morrone

Creative Director

Audrey has over 15 years of experience in projects of every size.  Her designs have won multiple awards and her clients consistently say that Audrey is one of the best designers in Central Florida.

Robin Talley


Robin earned her B.S. in Fine Arts from FSU with a degree in illustration and photography. Her art background and experience with color, space, and design allows her to create unique, fun, and functional living spaces. She treats each design like a living work of art.

Hillary Stein

Administrative Assistant

Hillary received her B.A.S. in Interior Design from Seminole State College in May 2016, and handles the office’s day to day.  Her favorite aesthetic is mid-century modern.

Kennedy Brown

Part-time Assistant

Kennedy is currently a student at Valencia Community College, and handles the company’s social media accounts, in addition to client care.

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