What’s E-Design

Here at http://7-towers.com/ we take design seriously and we want you to love your space. We have a team of Designers that are here to help you no matter what your question is, from selecting a paint color, to what will the furniture or artwork look like in the room before you purchase, we can definitely assist you. Our goal is to have you “Love” your space!!! Below is an example of the power that 3D renderings have on helping you visualize your space.

Have you ever gone to the grocery store only to get home and realize that you didn’t get the main ingredient to a cake that you were baking? Trust me I know frustrating, I have been there.

When designing a room I love giving clients a 3D mock up of what the room will look like as well as a shopping list for all of the items in the room. It makes it easier for the client because they can see my intended vision in detail prior to ordering the first item. This also helps clients that are working with a budget and doing the room piece by piece.

What I would like to know are what are your thoughts of the of 3D Design?

Check out the Belmere Project that we just completed.


The Family Room “After”
This is a “Before” look of the Family Room.


Below is the 3D Design that we created of the room prior to changing or ordering any thing for the client. This shows what the room design will look like to the client once completed.
Below is the after picture again. 
Notice the Meena table lamp found here http://7-towers.com/meena/
For more information on E-Design click on http://7-towers.com/e-design-1/ or send us an email. We are glad to be at your service.